From East to West

Bringing the ingenuity and dynamic businesses of Asia
to the American IT hub at Silicon Valley and to the global stage.

Our many years of internationa l investment have helped us to build strong ties and partnerships in Silicon Valley and throughout the American IT sphere. Our marketing and consultation services to US-based investors have enabled us to help growing Asia-Pacific companies achieve investment and expansion in the American market as well as globally. No matter where you’re based in this part of the world, we offer the benefit of our established network to assist you in reaching beyond your boundaries and out into the world at large.

If you’re intending to start reaching out to the American consumer, or are aiming to achieve investment from the USA for your own business or startup idea, talk to us first. We can help you to refine your plans, identify exactly the kind of help you need, and connect you with the right people who can stand with you to take your business to the next level. No matter where you are in Asia, we can offer the same level of commitment and world-class expertise—with a strong focus on mutually beneficial relationships with entrepreneurs that last the full course of the business.